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BMW teases next M5 in new video

The folks from BMW have released a video of the new BMW M5, giving us our best look at the upcoming super-sedan and while the M5 shown throughout the video is wearing the all-too-familiar swirly camouflage, this gives us a good taste of what is coming from the German automaker.

This new BMW M5 video features company president Dr. Kay Segler who, according to the notes of the video, is explaining more about the new M5 but instead, it just seems to be more fuel added to the fire driving the enthusiasm behind the next BMW super sedan. The first time that the M5 is shown is as it blasts past the camera in a dark tunnel – far too fast to get a look at it but as the discussion segment featuring Dr. Segler begins there is a well camouflaged BMW in the background that we can only assume is the M5.

Next, the new M5 is shown roaring through the snow, again sporting the swirly camo, followed by a handful of super close-up shots of the new sedan as it travels along the snow-covered road. The video continues to bounce back and forth between shots of Dr. Segler with the new M5 sitting in the background and the same M5 ripping through the snowy roads, later introducing a new program where you can write “your stories” (presumably about your BMW or M5) and you can “be a part of the new M5”. Hopefully there will be more information available at as it becomes available but for the time being, BMW has given us a great chance to see and hear the new M5 with the turbocharged 4.4L V8 in action.

It is interesting that BMW chose to use all snow-covered surfaces to show off the new M5 in action. Most companies that select snowy areas for teasers or commercials are showing off an all-wheel-drive system – like the new Ferrari FF or the Mitsubishi Evo X. There have long been rumors that the next generation of the BMW M5 will feature an advanced all wheel drive system…perhaps this first video is there way of a hint at what is to come? That is purely speculation but it will be interesting to see what gadgets (AWD or otherwise) that BMW will use to allow this new super-sedan to rocket through these snow covered roads.

Check out the video below and check out for more information on all of BMW’s high performance offerings!

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