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BMW EfficientDynamics Supercar i8 to cost $200,000

During the official launch announcement of the new 1-Series M Coupe, BMW’s Sales and Marketing Director Ian Robertson commented that when the production version of the BMW EfficientDynamics supercar hits showrooms, it will carry a price around $200,000.

Currently, the most comparable vehicle coming soon to market is the Mercedes Benz SLS E-Cell and that gullwinged beauty is expected to set buyers back around a quarter of a million dollars. Unlike the SLS E-Cell that gets its power strictly from a handful of electric motors, the BMW EfficientDynamics supercar will feature emission-free driving (around 30 miles) plus the aid of the 3-cylinder turbodiesel engine, the BMW “green” supercar offers a an overall range of 435 miles. Overall, when running on continual diesel engine-aided power, the EfficientDynamics production version is expect to yield around 62.5mpg while churning out 328 horsepower – all for $200,000.

The production version of the BMW EfficientDynamics supercar is expected to hit showrooms sometime in 2012 and as the automaker is one of the sponsors of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, we can expect to see this technologically advanced supercar debut by or around the beginning of the next Olympic Games.

Source: Inside Line

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Patrick Rall is the managing editor of Torque News.