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Another Hot Wheels Hellcat Challenger Hits Shelves

The 1:64 scale Hot Wheels toys of the Hellcat Dodge Challenger and Charger have proven to be so a hot item for toy collectors and Mopar fans alike, making it tough to find either of them in stores, but a new Hellcat Challenger from Hot Wheels has arrived just in time for Christmas.

Earlier this year, the world famous Hot Wheels brand was the first to roll out a toy of the mighty Hellcat Dodge Challenger and although it didn’t actually sport the Hellcat name, the unique design cues and the Hellcat head logo on the fenders made it clear that it was a tiny version of the 707hp muscle car.

That first Hellcat Challenger toy was followed up a few weeks back, when Mattel announced that they had a Hellcat Charger coming to the Hot Wheels lineup as well and while I’ve not been able to find one of those yet, they are showing up at stores around the United States.

Even with a pair of Hellcat Hot Wheels on the market, these two cars have been so hot with collectors that they are among the harder units to find in the newer Hot Wheels releases, but Mattel has rolled out a new Hellcat Challenger Hot Wheels toy just in time for Christmas. This will likely be just as sought after as the red Hellcat Challenger and the Hellcat Charger, but the as more and more different versions reach stores, they will all become more readily available.

The New, Blue Hellcat Challenger
The newest Hellcat Hot Wheels Challenger is technically a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT, as the Hellcat name is still absent from the packaging. Unlike the red Hot Wheels Challenger that debuted earlier this year, this blue Challenger doesn’t have the Hellcat head logo on the fenders, but the logo is still stamped on the chassis of the car while also having the unique hood and front end of the full-sized Hellcat package.

In addition to the new, blue paint, the newest Hellcat Challenger Hot Wheels toy has the Dodge hashmark logo in red on the fenders and hood, along with black and red striping on the sides and hood. Finally, this new Challenger toy has a chrome lip on the black wheels.

As you can see in the image above, this new Hellcat Challenger toy is part of the Then and Now series, so there is also a matching 1971 Dodge Challenger in a similar blue, black and red design scheme that generally comes out of the same cases as the Hellcat, so unless someone has beaten you to it – if you find one in a store, you will likely find both.

These are “mainline” Hot Wheels toys, so they range in price from 88 cents to just over a dollar, but I found mine at Walmart for 94 cents. They are also available on eBay, but you can expect to pay closer to $10 when you factor in shipping and such.