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3rd Camaro Celebration Video is My Favorite Thus Far

Over the past few weeks, GM has been hyping up the 50th anniversary of the Chevrolet Camaro with a series of videos and with the 3rd video of six showcasing some of the most memorable commercials over the last 50 years – this video is definitely my favorite thus far.

General Motors has a huge celebration planned around the Woodward Dream Cruise to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Chevrolet Camaro, which was introduced back in 1967. In addition to three days of Camaro themed fun around the Metro Detroit area on August 18,, 19 and 20, GM has put together a website devoted to showing off historic moments in Camaro history and building anticipation for the big event in August.

You can watch each of the first two videos at the end of this piece, but since the 3rd video is the newest, we will look at this Camaro clip first.

Camaro “Language”
The 3rd and newest video posted to the Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary website is titled “Language”, and it showcases clips from some of the most unusual Camaro commercials of all time. The video begins with the declaration that “Not everyone will understand the language spoken by this Chevy Camaro” as an engine revs over and over in the back ground. They then address the early “hugger” nickname before moving into part of my absolute favorite Camaro commercial of all time – the very first Camaro commercial.

Volcano – Camaro!

We then see some 3rd gen IROC Camaros blasting around a NASCAR track, a 3rd gen Camaro blasting around what appears to be another planet or a post-apocalyptic world and a steady stream of short bits taken from Camaro commercials and highlight videos over the years. While there seems to be a heavier emphasis on the 3rd gen models, the Language commercial shows off every generation in some form – from the original Camaro “Hugger” and the 2nd gen “Super Hugger” up to the 5th gen Camaro Z28 and the 6th gen Camaro SS.

The video ends with the phrase “For those who understand the language, we recommend the car” – followed by a lightning-quick look at the Camaro logos over the years.

So crank up your speakers and enjoy the 3rd Camaro history video, with the 1st and 2nd videos include below as well.