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The 2012 Toyota GT86 TRD debuts new accessories in Paris

The 2012 Paris Motor Show brought about the introduction of the Subaru BRZ XT Line Concept and not to be outdone, Toyota brought out their own tuned up version of the joint venture rear drive sports coupe but unlike the Subaru, the GT86 TRD on display in Paris is fitted entirely with goodies that will be available via the European Toyota Racing Development catalog.


The modifications to the Toyota GT86 TRD begin on the outside where the company has added a more aggressive lower front fascia with dark contrasting paint openings, new side skirts, a more aggressive rear fascia with an integrated stainless steel diffuser, a new molded low profile trunk lid spoiler and 18” lightweight aluminum wheels in satin black. These modifications give the GT86 a much lower stance along with improving high speed stability due to the improved aerodynamics. Inside, the Toyota GT86 TRD features a push button start setup mounted in the center console along with a leather clad gearshift knob.

The Toyota GT86 TRD is more than just a concept packed with appearance modifications and a revamped suspension system featuring an adjustable shock absorber and spring set, new front and rear stabilizer bars, a chassis brace and an industry-first door stabilizer system that helps to improve the rigidity of the body – all of which work together to improve road handling and steering response of this lightweight sports coupe. Finally, make sure that the GT86 TRD stops just as well as it handles is a monoblock big brake package featuring high performance calipers, pads and brake lines. Last but not least is a new “high response muffler” system that features quad tips located in pairs on each side of the rear splitter – a setup that Toyota promises will offer the type of sound levels that you would expect from this sleek sports car.

The bad news for our American readers is that these features are designed specifically for the European-issue Toyota GT86 – a vehicle that isn’t available in the US. However, based on the demand for high levels of customization and even higher levels of performance, we can almost certainly expect to see something similar arrive for the Scion FR-S. Scion prides themselves on the level of customization and after seeing how great the GT86 looks clad in these new exterior components, these could be very popular in the US market. Also, with both Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ owners likely being interested in getting the best handling capabilities possible out of their “Toyobaru” sports coupe, features like the upgraded suspension packages, the improved braking package, the lightweight wheels and the addition chassis items like the body brace and the new door stabilizer system should be a big hit with American go-fast enthusiasts.

With the American auto show season quickly approaching – perhaps we will have a good look at any similar Toyota Racing Development products for the Scion FR-S in the very near future.

Check out the gallery on the right by clicking any of the thumbnails for a closer look at the Toyota GT86 TRD.