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2005-2012 Ford Escape under NHTSA investigation for throttle issues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a preliminary investigation into the previous generation of the Ford Escape after receiving a defect petition from the North Carolina Consumers Council alleging that these popular sport utility vehicles could be prone to stalling or surging while being driven.

The early stages of this new investigation relate specifically to Ford Escape models from the 2005 through 2012 model year with a total of 1.6 million SUVs possibly affected by the process. According to the North Carolina Consumers Council (NCCC), these vehicles are equipped with an electronic throttle body system that could fail – causing the engine to either surge or stall in the right situations.

The NCCC issued this call for action after receiving two complaints from area consumers who had problems with their 2009 Ford Escape intermittently stalling when cruising at highway speeds or when sitting when stopped as well as a problem with the engine surging when accelerating away from a stop. These two reports explained that the problem became severe enough that the driver was operating the vehicle with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas to keep the car going forward (and not stalling) while also prevent it from surging forward. The driver also had to keep applying the gas when stopped to keep the vehicle from stalling. In both of these filings with the NCCC, the vehicle had a check engine light illuminated and when the codes were pulled by a mechanic, the result was a trouble code of P2111 and P2112 – indicating that the electronic throttle actuator control system was stuck open (P2111) and closed (P2112). Also, both drivers reported that there had been no problems or warnings leading up to these engine issues.

“This is obviously a very dangerous and rapidly growing issue that needs to be addressed immediately (with the Ford Escape),” said NCCC President Sandra Bullock. “With consumers now holding both the brake and gas pedals simultaneously, it’s only a matter of time before a driver inadvertently pushes the wrong pedal, resulting in unintended movement. We trust that the NHTSA will investigate and take the necessary steps to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.”

The NCCC states that similar complaints were filed on the NHTSA website between November 2011 and August 2012 for 2009 model year Escape SUVs along with other complaints about the throttle “sticking” or the throttle body failing and requiring replacement.

The NCCC stated that they had one of the failed throttle bodies from the 2005-2012 Ford Escape in their possession and there was no sign of damage, carbon buildup that could cause the throttle body blade to hang out or other mechanic problems. This means that the problem would lie in the electronic system that controls the throttle input between the gas pedal and the throttle body. On top of those complaints, Ford Motor Company has reportedly issued a handful of technical service bulletins for different models relating to a similar throttle issue with the fix being to reprogram the powertrain control module that controls the throttle system or to replace the throttle body.

The preliminary investigation of the 2005-2012 Escape is the first in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s process of making sure that the vehicles sold in this country are as safe as they should be. Should the NHTSA find that there is indeed a problem with either the powertrain control module or the throttle body that is causing sporadic stalling and surging, the feds could move to the next phase – the engineering analysis. That is the final step before ordering that Ford issues a recall of the vehicles in question but a great many investigations and engineering analyses are closed without any further action being requested.

TorqueNews will continue covering the new Ford Escape throttle investigation – bringing you any news as it becomes available.

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I have owned my 2010 FordmEscape for about 4 months now. While driving down the road the wrench light comes on, the. The check engine light and it loses all throttle. Saw they had an extended warranty, took it to Ford Dealership and they so called "fixed it". It was fine for a few weeks and now it's doing it worse. Not only that it has been completely stalling on me while going down the road. I will start it back up and as son as I hit the gas it stalls again. Have to use one foot on brake and one foot on gas to keep it going. It has left me and my kids stranded daily, has almost caused several wrecks and is a completely unreliable vehicle. This was my first and last Ford I will ever own. I'm thinking about taking it back to the dealership and leaving it.
Same problem..twice in the last 30 days. No throttle response, wrench light comes on..everything else is working properly. 1000 rpm's, but no response to throttle. Car acts as if it is running on one cylinder. This has been extremely dangerous, as both times it has shut down at freeway speeds, and finding a place to stop has been an adventure. Restarting gets the car running again. Step up Ford, before someone dies because of a problem you are aware of......!!!!
I have a similar problem with my 2010 Ford Fusion. The wrench appears on long trips - I haven't had any issues with loss of power or surging, but it does concern me when I'm 2 hours away from home.
02-10-2015......I own a 2006 escape and its been stalling and surging for months. Ive taken it in multiple times and im always told theres nothing wrong. Well this morning while taking my children to school the gas pedel stuck and my brakes wouldnt work at all. I was so scared. I finally got them dropped off and it kept stalling and wouldnt go over 30mph. I had to keep putting it in neutral shutting it off and restating it all the way home. I dont have that kind of money to put new parts on it. Im a single mother. I just paid 7000.00 for this vehicle in september. I dont know what to do.
Dear single Mom, I just had the same problem yesterday and called my Ford dealer and it's covered under a recall that Ford has initiated on their own accord....lots of issues with the electronic throttle body. Mine is a used car bought from the original owner....doesn't matter how many miles or if you're not the original should be the Ford dealer and talk to service department...tell them you want a recall service for your Escape....hope that works!
Mark, Ford has never issued a recall on the throttle body, They did however extend the warranty on the throttle body to 150,00 miles. A recall is a replacement no matter if a problem is being experienced or not but a warranty you have to wait until you actually have the problem. I had mine replaced under warranty at 70,000.
My 2010 Ford Escape has this issue last night on Interstate 45 between Houston and Dallas with nothing in sight except 18 wheeler s and cows in adjacent pastures. No throttle, but engine was at idle speed, so I pulled over and turned off the started right back up and then repeated the act about 20 minutes later. I just spoke with the service adviser at Gullo Ford in Conroe and it is covered by a that was initiated and covered by Ford. If you're having this issue your local Ford dealer will repair/replace the throttle body and any other associated problematic issues...mileage and original owner(s) don't'll be without your car for a day, but you won't die on the freeway.
Purchased new a 2011 Mercury Mariner Premier w/all the bells & whistles. Now at 28,000 miles the wrench light came on, however for the past few weeks occasionally while stopped the car surges, the RPM increases and have to keep my foot on the break. In addition it's stalled out while driving. Tomorrow I will call Ford/Lincoln Dealership to see what they will do. I hope they don't just insist on the bandaid approach! I'll update how they intend to resolve this issue.
I have a 2011 Ford Escape hybrid that I just experienced a stall in an intersection. At the dealer for a week they are telling me that they cannot find anything wrong but that most likely it will happen again? How do they know it will happen again if they cannot diagnosis this. My questions does the throttle body warranty extend to the Escape hybrids or just the escapes? thanks
2010 Ford Escape 79k miles. It has done this since we purchased the vehicle. Lately it has been every single time it's driven. The engine turns off at stop lights, when turning, and anytime it throttles down in RPMs. If it does not shut off, the engine revs up amd down by itself when sitting at idle or no pedals are depressed. If it turns off i have to turn the ignition to off, then restart it. This is mostly always in traffic and people are honking like nobodies business. I do not feel safe at all. Sometimes it runs correctly with no revVing and other times it does after the restart. This is almost every time I drive it now. 9 out of 10 times. Engine light also on consistently after it happens. Is there a recall or something. This is VERY DANGEROUS!
Had this happen recently to my 2010 Escape Ltd. Took to a dealership. Was fixed for free. All is good now. PCM module was replaced
My 2005 Escape, 159K miles, has been running with surges that jerk and rock the vehicle as I accelerate. These surges seemed to have started after recently replacing the battery. It is almost stalling as I accelerate and seems to cause trouble as the automatic transmission tries to shift. This is my wife's daily driver and I do NOT feel safe letting her drive this around, especially with our baby inside. If it were to surge unexpectedly or stall that could cause an accident. The issue is worsening with each drive and is incredibly unnerving for us.
2010 Ford Escape XLT The vehicle has been doing this the past two years. I have changed the throttle 3 times to correct it. The 3rd time was 2 months ago. $110 every time this has to be changed mind you. Unfortunately the last 2 months it has not helped. The last I heard it was a vapor valve of some sort that needs to be replaced which may fix it. I'm really tired of spending all this money to fix something that should be fixed by FORD because there are numerous people with this issue. The car is cutting off in traffic if you slow down. You have to restart it while driving sometimes while making a turn or you will end up creeping to a stop in the middle of an intersection. You can get smashed in the back or the side because of this. I don't have the funds to keep going like this or to get another vehicle for another year or so. Really need help with this, for God's sake please help. I actually fear driving every time I have to go somewhere due to it cutting off almost everytime it is decelerating. Email is [email protected]
I have this happening since 2013. I own a 2009 ford escape and just today 11.29.2016 it happened again. In middle of driving 65 in the free way my car turns off no engine goes silent but radio is working and all lights. It happened to my first time with my 3 month old who is now 3 and rides with me. Each time ford's have said they can not find an error code. Even took it in while in stalled mode made the tow truck leave it and tow it there as is for them. All they said was well when I turned the key off and on it started. Wth yeah I know that's what happened but why when I'm driving with my kid and alone does it randomly shut off. Still nothing and I'm so TIRED WITH ANYTHING FORD IT'S RIDICULOUS PUTTING US IN DANGER ONE DAY SOMEBODY WILL GET KILLED AND FORD WILL BE TO BLAME!
I bought a used 2009 Ford Escape XLT last year in May and this year on Mother's Day, the SUV stalled out on me while at a stop light out of nowhere. I had just filled up the tank and drove a mile to a traffic light, turning onto a main highway. When the light turn green, I was in the turn lane and accelerated to take off, but the A/C shut off as if the vehicle powered down. It felt like I ran out of gas or something, which obviously wasn't the case. Radio was still on the red battery light blinked on the dashboard. Fortunately I didn't make it out into the intersection when the light changed. I had to put on the hazard lights and tried putting the vehicle in park to crank it up. I was able to drive again, but it was a scary and very situation that happened without any warning. I fear that this can happen again in a more dangerous situation. I have no idea why this happened or what could've caused it because I had no problems leading up to this event. I had the battery checked and everything checked out okay. The vehicle checked out fine at a Ford dealership three months ago, except they suggested a fuel injection cleaning and mentioned the throttle body, so maybe that's related to what I experienced 3 months later?? Lovely Ford.
Got a 2005 Ford escape used. Ran fine until I went on vacation.700 miles from home going up a hill at 70 mph on cruise control thottle pedal went to floor and tack to 1000 rpm. Pulled off road and shut it down. Restarted but 20 miles later it did the samething. Then it happened about 6 more times in 25 miles. Took to dealership in Ga. And they charged me 1241.00 to fix the car. Picked up but within 5 miles it started happening again. Code P2111 and P2112. They could not fix it saying it was the wiring. After hours of complaining I did get my money back. 129808 miles on it when I took to dealership. Now I got a escape that will not respond to pedal intermittently. Don't want to drive and can't afford another car as I am disabled. Must use for appointments.
I have the same problem with my Ford Eacape please let me know how to fix it before I get in an accident because it dies in me while I am driving
I have a 2012 escape and it does it to me too its happened 5 times now in the past 3 months. Ford needs to do a recall before someone dies.
We have a 2010 Escape with the V6. This problem just started, with surging as well. Very dangerous situation. Is the throttle body the problem?
I have a 2010 and is doing the same thing Is there any that Fords is doing to fix this yet?
I am having the same problem as these people, with my 2013 ford escape, it started yesterday september 28th , then things were fine and then it happened again and we were stuck in traffic, the car just died and then after a few minutes we were able to get it going again. After reading what other people have shared today I think there should be a recall, because this is very dangerous, and if you drive it you are risking your life driving the car.
As I read others situations about their Ford Escape, I too am having the same issues. I have a 2005 Ford Escape which I purchased from Asheboro North Carolina. Since I been living in Washington DC my SUV is doing the exact same thing and I am not feeling being stuck in traffic here.
Just had throttle body repair by Ford service station and we're having the same problem again . Vehicle stalls before you can put it drive, and then bucks until engine receives gas. If you are stuck you can use 2 foot technique to get vehicle running, but that is dangerous. Ford needs to do more, the problem is worse than they are making it out to be.
ford 2012 ford escape battery had to be replaced not sure if i had this problem before car wood like stall little wrench would come pressed gas pedal and nothing finally staalled turned off and back on engine started just like nothing was wrong drove for 3 or 4 days same thing happened then so viedo about if u change battery u showed short out positve battery cable and disconnected negative to reset codes for 10 minutes then reconnect and run car for ten minutes to get up to operating temperature then drive it for ten minutes which resets all codes back to factory settings try that if does it again take it ford dealer and they will replace throttle body if less then 150,000 miles ford extended warrannty from 50,000 just got back from ford dealership and they said that is true appointment set up somebody commented they got a letter from ford about extened warranty i never received one go to dealship and see if your throttle body is in this extended warranty i just did they look it up and i getting it replaced no charge hope this helps thank god for google!!!!!!
We have a 2010 Escape with 100,300 miles on it, it,s my wifes car, and she had just pulled out on the side street when the gas pedal stopped working, coasted to the side of the road , shut the car off and started it again, the wrench on the dash went off. took it to the ford dealer, they replaced the electronic throttle body, which was under the extended warranty ford had set up and replaced it. This is the first problem we have had with this car.
I am currently experiencing an extremely dangerous issue with my wifes 2006 Ford Escape XLT 3.0 V6.. It starts up fine and idles normal, but after driving it for approximately 5-10 miles, the rpms suddenly get stuck around 2k-2.5k, so when you try to slow down or stop, the engine conginues to surge at that range and the only thing to keep you from flying forward is stepping on the brakes extremely hard. . Putting the vehicle in neutral or parking does not help either, it actually makes it much worse, the engine then surges to 4k+!!! Nothing brings the idle down once this happens, I've tried everything, including down shifting, turning on the A/C etc.. I was swriously afraid the engine was going to blow yesterday! I pulled into a parking lot, put it in park, it immediately revved up to the 4k+ rpm range, so i quickly popped the hood latch, jumped out open the hood the fuse box on the right side and pulled the fuel pump relay (luckily I already knew which one it was) which shut the engine down withing a second or two.. I am currently in the process of trying to fix this.. I honestly am very thankful and extremely lucky that it happened while I was driving, as it usually is my wife driving alone, or along with our kiddos.. It scares me to imagine what would happen, what easily could've happened, if it were her/them this happened to and not me.. Until I'm confident its been fixed, no one will be driving it..
My 2005 Ford Escape does this and nearly just killed me and my 3 year old son and 7 year old daughter. It randomly dies at low speeds and then the steering wheel locks.