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Your Say: Will You Remain with Zipcar as it combines with Avis Budget?

Comments from Facebook on Zipcar's announcement to combine with Avis Budget.

Catherine Johnson

I'm incredibly disappointed by this news. I had my first truly bad Zipcar experience over the Christmas holiday - bad enough that I started seriously reconsidering my membership - and this news is another hit right on top of that. The whole reason I signed up with Zipcar was to avoid the corporate giants. So... well, we'll see how this turns out. I'm not cancelling my membership right this minute, but I'm certainly not optimistic about it either.

Zach McClain

Oof... will probably cancel my Zipcar when it next renews, just like I cancelled ING when Capital One bought them out. Small shops are always better than the big shops! Guess it's time to buy a beater car to get around with.

Salvatore Fanara

One of the reasons why I became a Zipcar member was because the company was a breath of fresh air in the corporate industry, a company that "seemed to give a flying about its members", one that listened and respected them. Sounds like things have changed.

If Zipcar was backed by Avis I would have never become a member in the first place. I've had the worst experience with Avis and have not rented with them for years, even when my credit card offered exclusive >50% discounts. I rather pay a few bucks more and support diserving companies. It's not my habit to support companies with awful ethical conduct and customer service.

I personally believe Zipcar just made a terrible mistake, one that didn't consider the identity of its member base. In light of these event I will start looking for alternatives getting ready to end my membership with Zipcar.

I guess it's true what many have said here, it's all business as usual. Robin Chase should've known better than allowing her creation to become subservient to the politics of money and interest.

Ben O'Neil

If prices rise, or if customer service declines without question I will switch to IGO.

Rob Murray

Wow, 99% negative comments. Seems Avis aren't getting the prize pack they thought they were in this deal. As per all of these types of buyouts, yes, it's business as usual... for now. Hourly rates will probably be the first thing to creep up... then the free mileage will be reduced... it will be a nickel and dime grab situation, just as the regular rental companies do with their ridiculous insurance schemes, or 'return the car empty' gas grabs. I'm not about to cancel my membership while it's status quo but as soon as the changes start I'll be looking at other options - like a cab!

Jeff Cook

One of the real players here is Hertz. The news writers reporting the hard facts are quite clear that Avis bought Zipcar to try and stay competitive with Hertz. This is because Hertz already has carshare functions and Avis doesn't.

Michael Abbott

I hope Avis doesn't replace the entire fleet with a gray Chevy Malibu. Zipcar, what have you done?

Kay Carson

I'm hoping this means more Zipcar options in less populated areas. People in Hartford could use a car for a few hours now and then, instead of buying a second car.

Andrew Carney

Does Avis plan to keep (and ADD) more Benz and Audi and BMWs? Or will we be paying top dollar for a car that makes us miss the one at home? Will we even still be able to pick our car or will it be "first available mid size or budget car" or some crap? I understand the advantage to size, buying 1,000 cars at once to stock sites across the US will save, using Avis's maintenance contracts will save, possibly on the backend customer management will save. What worries me is there is no mention ZipCar will leverage these benefits and continue its goals and beliefs. Honestly ZipCar is a premium in this market, if you rent for longer then 5 or so hours I think a traditional company would be cheaper. However, the convince of on demand, the HIGH quality the cars are in, the FUN selection of cars, and the "always right around the corner" location make it work $50 for five hours vs. $50 for a day with Avis and a cheap Kia.

Skip Moskey

This will not be good for the consumer. Bad move Zipcar. You were part of the green, un-corporate, consumer revolution for urban dwellers who wanted to escape car ownership. Avis is one of the worst rental companies out there. How could you do this to yourself, and to us?

Helena Tonge

As a long time member, if possible, it would be helpful to know what changes Avis Budget Group plans to pass on to current Zipcar members, so that we may be able to decide if this acquisition will suit our own personal needs.

Jaime Ross

I've never been a fan of Avis. In my experience, they have poor customer service and they don't always offer cars in the best shape. Their prices are quite low, but there is a reason for that. I have really enjoyed my Zipcar membership, but if the rates go up or quality goes down I will be searching for a new car sharing option.

Dean Anthony Morrison

Well I have my doubts, but I will try and stay hopeful that the Zipcar customer service remains and maybe Zipcar will rub off on Avis instead of other way around. Maybe Avis can use what Zipcar has and make "traditional" car rental better.

Reference: These public comments are posted on Zipcar's Facebook Page
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Don Bain    January 3, 2013 - 2:58PM

Legal challenge in the works

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is investigating whether the Board of Directors of Zipcar, Inc. breached its fiduciary duty to its shareholders in agreeing to sell Zipcar to Avis Budget Group, Inc.