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You Probably Can't Guess The Real Color of This 2016 Muddy Toyota Tacoma

The owners of this 2016 Toyota Truck was probably was very busy when they were returning from fishing and saw a mud. Who wants to play guess the color of this Toyota Tacoma?

This Toyota Tacoma picture was posted in a Toyota Tacoma Enthusiasts public group on Facebook with a question to guess the real cover. I spoke with the owners Shelby Moore and Greg Bates of Salt Lake City,UT and asked their permission to post it in for our readers. You will be surprised if you know the real color of this Tacoma.

"This is the best truck I have ever owned," wrote Shelby to TorqueNews via Facebook chat. "It goes places most wouldn't dare to go even on a 4wheeler," he added.

He said they were coming back from a fishing trip and found mud. Then they decided to play in it a little bit. This is how hard they played in the mud that you probably can't guess the real color of this Tacoma.

Some people in the group said it's dark grey. Others said it's brown, trying to pass the desert. Yet others said it's covered by quicksand.

It's unbelievable how mud can change the real color of a truck making it unrecognizable. Shelby sent me the second picture and the real color of this Tacoma is Inferno. Here is the Inferno colored picture of this 2016 Tacoma. What was your guess? Write it in the comments.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Inferno