Nissan leaf charging rate
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This Will Help You To Understand Nissan LEAF Charging Rate

Many new Nissan LEAF owners need some help to understand their new electric car's charging rate. Here is a little help from current LEAF owners.

Don is a 2014 Nissan LEAF owner who asks for help to understand his EV's charging rate in Leaf Owners Group on Facebook. "I assume my charger is 3.3kw. So no matter how many amps the 220v source is, my max charge on level 2 is 11mph? Is that correct? I'm using a 220/50amp source," he writes.

"If your car only has a 3.3KW charger on board, then it will only charge at 3.3KW (max), unless using a DC rapid charger of course," replies another LEAF owner named Darren.

Here is another good advice from another Nissan LEAF owner named Julian. "If your Nissan LEAF S has level 3 fast charge port, you have a 6.6kw onboard 240v charger, which will replenish your charge at a rate of 25-30mph. If your S does not have a level 3 fast charge port, you'll have a 3.6kw 240v on board charger, giving you roughly half the range per hour," writes Julian. He also adds that the 3.6kw 240v charger draws 12amps @240v while the 6.6kw 240v charger draws 30a @ 240v.

Your charger rating is written on the side of the power unit. See how to optimally charge your Nissan LEAF.

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