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Weirdest Way To Slow Down Traffic

We are not advocating for this method, but this Chinese woman found a very original way to slow down the speeding drivers in front of her home after being annoyed that the police was not doing enough about increasing traffic accidents.

Lin Chen, a 67-years old Chinese woman from Ningbo in Eastern China became very annoyed that the local Police were not doing enough to improve the traffic situation near her home. Chen thought if she had something extraordinary handing from a tree that would attract attention and would slow down the traffic.

Her traffic calming measure was a half naked doll. She tied the doll to a tree, which in turn prompted car and and motorsycle drivers to slow down to watch.

"There are a set of traffic lights near my house and the cars just shoot through them as fast as they can. It's very dangerous," explained Chen to Orange News.

"The police aren't interested so I bought this doll and tied it to the tree. I thought that drivers would slow down if I could give them something worth looking it," she added.

Police officers say they would not normally use this method to slow down traffic, but concede that since the doll went up, traffic accidents have gone down.

Image Reference: of Ningbo China Gov