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VW UP sits 16 people getting Guinness World Records, PHOTO

The little Volkswagen Up received another Guinness World Records for sitting 16 people. See how they did it.


The news came from Volkswagen Belgium. It posted on its Facebook page that the VW Up managed to sit 16 people and received a certification to in the 2012 book of Guinness World Records.

"VW broke records! 16 people came together and managed to sit in the Up. The record was certified by the Guinness Book of Records. Do you do better," wrote VW Belgium, challenging its followers.

Indeed, is it possible to sit more than 16 people in a small size UP? Hardly any team can do that judging from this photo of how Volkswagen has managed to achieve 16 people in the Up.

VW unveiled Up as a concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. It's the company's smallest model. It focuses on city driving for urban dwellers.

Up is ready for production and the price is about 13,500 U.S. dollars. VW has revealed that an innovative financing solutions will be rolled out to help the overseas buyers. The plan is called AutoCredit2.

This is not VW's first Guinness World Record. A simple search in the website's database shows Volkswagen having 12 such records, or at least showing 12 results. Some of them include Longest Single-Model Vehicle Parade, Longest Journey by Car Using Alternative Fuel and Volkswagen Beetle being the best-selling car of a single design.