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Used Fuel Cell Toyota Is Hugely Discounted on The Used Car Market

The first generation Toyota Mirai is extremely cheap on the used car market, often in excellent condition. Imagine an 80,000 euro Toyota Mirai with a low mileage, going for 35,989 euros. That's an unbelievable bargain.

Toyota has had the hydrogen-powered Mirai in its product portfolio since 2014, and the series was also sold in Germany from 2015. So far, however, only a few hundred Mirai vehicles have been approved in the largest car market in Europe, in Germany. Nevertheless, the second generation of the fuel cell Mirai has been around since 2020.

Due to the small numbers, the production costs for fuel cell models are comparatively high. But that doesn't mean that locally emission-free driving exotics have to be expensive. If you search well, real bargains can be found on the used car market.

The black Toyota Mirai FCEV is probably one of the last first-generation models to be registered in Germany. In December 2019, this Mirai drove off for the first time; and has probably been around most of the time since then. Because the on-board computer shows an almost unimaginable 1229 kilometers as the previous total mileage. So this first generation Mirai is actually as good as new.

The exotic four-seater from Japan is powered by an electric motor with an output of 113 kW or 154 hp. The maximum torque is 335 Newton meters. The hydrogen pressure tanks can hold a little more than 120 liters in total, which is enough for a range of up to 500 kilometers (310 miles).

Mirai is inexpensive, exotic and with a lot of comfort

With a purchase price of around 80,000 euros at the time, you can expect a bit in terms of equipment. And that, although the biggest cost point is probably the extraordinary technology. The fuel cell vehicle in "iridium blue" has leather interior, navigation system, reversing camera, automatic climate control, heated front seats and much more.

The Toyota Mirai FCEV with the low mileage (which I referenced above) has a full service history and is ready to be picked up like new from the dealer TCB Automobile GmbH in Recklinghausen (NRW). The price: 35,989 euros. This is an unbelievable bargain for technology-loving car fans, especially given the former new price and the low use of the hydrogen Toyota!

Probably there is a reason for this. I don't know who the situation is in Germany, but in 2021, Torque News Toyota reporter Peter Neilson published an article in which he discussed how some Toyota Mirai owners wanted to get "out of these cars" because there was no fuel. However, I am thinking perhaps the situation has now been improved.

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