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Toyota RAV4 Has a Unique Retro-Looking Version That is Sold in Japan

The Japanese company Mitsuoka dared to launch a crazy Toyota RAV4 project, in the best style of American SUVs.

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The Toyota RAV4 nicknamed "Buddy" in Japan by Mitsouka, the company that makes it as a modified version of the midsize SUV, gave it a distinctive and unique look. The design of its classic style front end and modern bodywork is striking .

Even being an unusual model, since it was first presented in 2020 this new version of the Toyota RAV4 has attracted a large number of customers. This release is the second update that the vehicle received in this short period of time available on the market.

That's not all. The orders exceeded Mitsouka's offer and the waiting period is calculated in a year and a half or two. For the development and production of the RAV4 Bobby, Mitsouka partnered with two other Japanese companies: Tonox and Mitsubishi Bus Manufacturing.

A Toyota RAV4 With The Face of a Classic SUV

This very interesting modification of Toyota RAV4 adds several exterior accessories to it, reminiscent of the look of classic American SUVs. Finished in chrome, it features a massive rectangular radiator grille with a grid pattern.

On each side, upright headlamps are split, and what to speak of a large chrome front bumper. Same style that looks on the back. The body colors and wheel cap design also take us back to old times.

2022 Toyota RAV4 Buddy

Likewise, the characteristics of the powertrain are in line with what the Toyota's RAV4 SUV offers. The combustion option consists of a 171 hp gasoline engine with Direct Shift-CVT automatic transmission, configurable with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

I think Mitsouka's offer would have been even more appealing to many car buyers, if it could turn the RAV4 into an electric vehicle, or at least offer the PHEV version of its new design. And lo, Mitsouka does something in this direction.

2022 Toyota RAV4 Buddy Interior

The electrified versions are based on a 2.5-liter gasoline engine that includes an electromechanical variator with a total power of 218 hp. The Hybrid E-Four all-wheel drive model adds an electric motor on the rear axle that allows it to raise power to 222 hp.

Other items within the list of equipment of the Toyota RAV4 Buddy are: panoramic sunroof, rear view camera, cruise control, automatic braking and lane maintenance system. Its final price is 35,800 dollars (almost 170 million Colombian pesos)..

What do you think of this new Toyota RAV4 Buddy by Mitsouka? Let me know your opinion in the comments section below please. Thanks for reading and sharing in your social media.

By the way, RAV4 Hybrid was Toyota’s best-selling hybrid vehicle for first 3 quarters of 2022. You will probably not believe who took the second place.

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