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Tell Us: What Happens To Tesla Model S If You Run Out of Battery Power

Here is what happens when your Tesla Model S dies or your car runs out of battery power. It's not like ICE cars. Here is a first hand experience.

Today one of our group members in Tesla Model S Owners Group on Facebook asked the following question about what happens when a Tesla runs out of battery.

"We drove about one mile on 0 mile range left. What would happen if we really ran out? Would the charger door be locked out? Does anyone have a first hand experience?," asked Donna in the group.

First of all, it's not recommended to drive your Tesla on zero mile range. It's not good to your battery. Teslas or electric cars are not like gas cars. If you run out of battery power it will hurt your Tesla's battery performance in the future.

Ben Phelan in the group provides a first hand experience.

"Providing you don’t run down the 12v then it's fine. However the calibration is sometimes off.

"Using the power meter, when power is restricted to 100kW you really need to find somewhere to charge. When it gets to 20-50kW it’s about to shut down.

"If you are lucky, and the temperature is warm you may be able to crawl a little while on around 10kW. But generally the car will begin to gradually loose power giving you time to pull over.

"Best advice is you have a couple of miles to find a charge socket of outlet once you get the 50-100kW power limit."

Do you have a first hand experience if your Tesla or an EV run out of battery power? How did you handle it? Where did you charge it? Please, share your experience and thoughts in the comments section below for discussion.

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Tesla Model S shuts down, you can access tow mode on the screen to free roll and release the brake. Charge door still opens, powered by 12v battery.