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As soon as the salesman started it I was in love: one Corvette tale

Christie Avery-Cooper was not shopping for a Corvette and had never been crazy about the car, but see what happened when she went to the dealership. Here is Christie in her own words from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

My Car is a 2006 C6 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe with the removable Targa Roof. It's Black with Cashmere Interior. Also it has the Blacked Out lights with the exception of the Headlights & Reverse Lights.

I just purchased this Corvette on Nov. 1, 2013 from a Dealer near my home. IT is my first Corvette Purchase.

The car is pretty much stock. The only things the Previous owner has done to this Corvette was to Black out the Lights and Change out the Wheels to Black ZR1 Wheels.

I intend to make it a Project car with some Interior Modifications as well as some dress up items then get it into some car shows. No plans to do any mods to the engine as it's plenty fast for me already. This was a Corvette Christmas as I got New Lloyd Floor Mats with the Corvette Logo, A Lloyd Cargo area Mat also with the Corvette Logo, A New Corvette Emblem Stitched Armrest, A Cargo area Storage Compartment Tray, A Cargo area Privacy Shade with the Vette Logo, Corvette Valve Cap Covers, Corvette Rocker Panel Decals, A Vette Logo Exhaust Plate, & a Gift Card to get the Windows re-tinted to Black Out Tint. So those are a few things that I will be adding to this car. I will also be changing out the radio to the Radio with in dash nav. unit. I am also looking to change out the rug and seats to Black.

I have always been a Car Buff ever since I was a little girl. Playing and Collecting Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars. My Dad was always taking me to Car Shows for as long as I can remember. Originally from Chicago we could only go to Car Shows in the Spring and Summer. Now being in Florida for over 30 years and currently residing in Palm Beach Gardens Fl. Car Shows are often; So I'm looking forward to having my own car in a show. This Vette will be a Bittersweet project as my dad whom passed away a few years ago would loved to have been able to take part in the Mod's of this Vette and to be able to enter it in a Show, instead of just going to look at others car.

Although I have been a Huge Car Buff my whole life with having owned several cars including a Camaro Iroc, Monte Carlo SS, Fiero GT, and Recently a 350Z I never really cared much for the Corvette. I Liked them, but was never in love. With having only owned the Nissan 350Z for less than three years it was what I ended up trading for the Corvette. I wasn't even out shopping for a Corvette. Just was out and about looking and came across one Vette at a dealer I was like hummm those are kinda nice. I went on to another dealer and there it was (My Future Vette) sitting there on the lawn at the Corner of the dealership.

A salesman came out , walked up to me and asked if I wanted to take it for a test drive. I was so scared as I had never sat in or drove a Corvette before, I said no. lol. I looked and looked and looked at it for almost an hour. I ended up going home and looking at it online for about an hour. Then ended up going back to the dealer and said ok I'm ready to go for that test drive now. Well as soon as the salesman started it I was in love. We went for a drive he first than we switched and I got it up on the Highway. I was so distracted by its sound and speed that I missed my exit. Got back to the dealer and said " Ya I think I'll take it" and so goes my new Love. and my new Passion.