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Simple Ideas To Improve EV Charging Efficiency: Show Level of Charge and Completion Time

Few days ago I reported on how multi charge setups can speedup and improve electric car charging efficiency. Here is how EV owners responded sharing some useful insights.


The idea that I reported suggested charge point stations to be designed to serve several bays. Here are what ideas or opinions can be also taken into consideration. EV owners respond from Electric Cars public group on Facebook.

Mark Walker
You still have to prevent ICE drivers from parking there somehow- they will see all those empty spaces and park there, defeating the multiple spot idea.

Jacob Gore
The problem is that when you arrive at a location that has cars already plugged in on each charging station, you don't know which one will get done first. Kind of like lining up behind a car at a full gas station, except there if you guess wrong, you lose 5 minutes, with EV charging you can lose 5 hours.

Mark Walker
ESVEs should show level of charge, and time to complete, and maybe even have a tripp lite on top flashing to show fully charged vehicles.

Charlie Weston
The station should be equipped as a parking meter. Anyone who stays more than a specified time will get a parking ticket and pay a fine. If drivers had to present ID of some kind, serial offenders could be locked out of charging.

Ryland Erdman
Parking meters that charged a higher rate would take care of most issues including gas cars taking up the space. Yes, you can park a gas vehicle in front of a charging station, but you'll pay for it. With a parking meter, they pay for that time or they get a ticket, then get towed if they never move. Most people understand parking meters.

Stuart Evans
Put a 110V outlet near the parking spots and be done with it. Low cost, and a very suitable charging solution for anyone parking for any more than a few hours.

Mark Yancey
Each charging station should have a primary and secondary charge cables... Then you know your next in line! I like that you can get a low rate charge while your in a secondary position. Otherwise run more circuits and install more chargers! I dislike seeing 8 chargers all with charged Car2go's parked there.

Tom Simenstad
At first it seems like a good solution. However, Stuart Evans' idea of a combination of fast and regular charging points seems better. This still requires that every EV driver use common sense.