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A Chevy Camaro Playing To The Sound Of A Small Block Beat

Yesterday, one of the TorqueNews readers share this cool rhythmic video of 1986 Chevy Camaro in Camaros Unlimited Facebook Group, which is the largest FB group for Camaros. As he starts the car you can hear as if the vehicle is playing to the sound of a small block beat.

I asked Zach Oswald, the owner of the Camaro and the video to share it with our readers at TorqueNews.

Zach is from Columbus Ohio and this is his award-winning 1986 Chevy Camaro. This is his first car and he has put "a ton of time and hard work into it," making quite the transformation from when he got it.

It was in a pretty sad shape besides the pain when he bought the it from his uncle around two years ago. "It was overheated bad, had no brakes and was suffering from general neglect. It sat 2 years before I got a hold of it. I have pretty much done a full mechanical restoration to it, all new brakes, most of the suspension, rebuilt the top end of the engine, custom exhaust, new posi disc brake rear end and lots of other little things," said Zack in a written communication with TorqueNews.

He then repainted a few years ago and tries his best "to keep it clean as possible" washing and waxing often.

"The interior is slowly coming along as well, new steering wheel, gauges ets," writes Zach. "Recently just installed a new autometer tach and a mint dash pad, I was really excited to find one since they are quite rare these days" he adds.

The car hasn't been driven much since he has got it, "probably less than 500 miles." It took Zach around a year and a half to get it drive-able. "My dad and I are still working out the bugs to this day." Zach is not driving alone, as he has a Learner's Permit and drives with his Father. He is about to get his Driver's License soon.

"Future plans include a 383/t56 setup, a 2in cowl hood, black leather interior, and a set of iroc wheels." Zach also wrote that few things have changed since the video was taken. Hood prop is gone, engine is a little cleaner and now has a dynomax race bullet exhaust.

"I am just a young hot-rodder trying to keep the sport alive and will continue to work on this and other cars for years to come," Oswald adds.

How do you like the rhythm?