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Really: What Are The Problems You See With Tesla Model S?

Hello everyone, in one of the car forums a forum member asked about the real limitations of Tesla Model S, which I thought to bring up here in TorqueNews for a discussion. Except the known limitations of the range the charging time, what are the real problems you have encountered while driving or owning a Tesla Model S?


Here is the actual question, which I quote below.

"I've been a wanna-be Tesla owner for a while now, and I regularly follow Tesla news as I wait for the availability announcement of the Model 3. I saw the silly Consumer Reports thing and one of the consistent negative comments I see on reddit and other comment threads elsewhere is that the Tesla has "lots of problems the fanboys ignore".

"So, what I'd like to know is what you think those problems actually are. I'd prefer stuff other than the pointless "the range isn't good enough" or "it takes too long to charge up", as those are known limitations that I think anyone buying a Tesla has to decide for themselves if they are acceptable or not. Actual problems people have encountered are what I'm looking for, as I want to have a more informed opinion about the car and company. Thanks!"

Reference: Reddit Cars


alexis27 (not verified)    September 1, 2015 - 2:57PM

Is it true that Tesla Model S has a wind noise at 75 miles per hour and above speed? Also, how is the suspension?

Drucifer (not verified)    September 1, 2015 - 4:52PM

I am at a loss for actual problems.

There are things that could have been better executed. There are a number of things in my previous car (Chevy Volt) that were better sorted out. On the other hand, there are a number of things better sorted out on the Tesla as well.

None are show stoppers or what I would term as real problems.

Matt (not verified)    September 1, 2015 - 10:51PM

I've had my P85 for 18 months now. I honestly can't think of any limitations EXCEPT where there are still no Superchargers. I will probably be upgrading to a dual-motor version since I live in snow country, but the RWD Model S does pretty well in snow with good snow rated tires (Blizzaks, etc.). Other than these minor quibbles, nothing. No compromises. I will always own a Tesla.

Steve (not verified)    September 2, 2015 - 4:21AM

One of my door handles doesn't always extend as it should, but that is a known issue that Tesla will fix free. The car is so beautiful that I wash it by hand and park far from other cars to protect it, which requires extra effort. I attract attention wherever I go, which at first was a negative but now I'm getting used to it. There are very few storage compartments unless you buy a center console. Installing a front license plate requires drilling into the $400 nose cone, unless you buy a third-party magnetic mount. The "D" model with 4-wheel drive whines a bit up front, but not much. My older friends have some trouble getting in and out because it's low to the ground. The silver finish on parts of the dash reflect in my face. These are minor issues that are outweighed by the incredible efficiency, acceleration, handling, and smart features. I have never regretted buying it.

Richard Watson (not verified)    September 5, 2015 - 4:02PM

I took delivery on my S85 late Sept '14. My only complaints:

Textile Seats are a bit hard on my boney arse on long trips.

SatNav is still a work in progress which can send you hours out of your way to charge when you can make it safely by a direct route. It's more accurate with a physical street address; it sent me to an airfreight loading dock at Trudeau airport rather than the passenger terminal a couple of ciicuititous miles away.

Body work is very expensive.

That's all I can think of.

Richard Watson

V (not verified)    September 10, 2015 - 1:13PM

I have owned the Tesla for over two years. We will be buying another one based on the one we have because it is the best vehicle i have ever driven or owned. I have had two problems that Tesla fixed for free. The problems did not leave me with the inability to drive the car. Tesla the company and the vehicle are in my mind game changers.

Keef Wivaneff (not verified)    September 25, 2015 - 11:20PM

Biggest problem I've seen so far is that the suspension parts break, the wheel flies off and sometimes people get killed.
Apart from that everything is just peachy!
Google this one for starters..
Объявление 13959429 от 11-03-2014 Tesla Model S, 2012 год

Then go to Google images "salvage Tesla Model S for sale"

Then have a look at Tesla Model S crash Mexico.
That one was well covered up but if you look at the images you will see that the back wheel is skewed forward at a crazy angle.
You can go to my Facebook page Keef Wivaneff for heaps more scary photographs of the amazing Snap Off Axles.