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The Rapid Acceleration of Tesla's Semi Truck Video Hits YouTube

We have seen the Tesla Semi electric truck, but here is a video, which shows how it really accelerates. This electric Semi's acceleration is rapid and swift.

A video with a swift acceleration of the electric truck Tesla Semi has surfaced on the web and you can see it below. Apparently, this is the first "live" video of the Tesla Smie, created by Tesla CEO Ilon Mask and his team. Previously, the outstanding characteristics of this truck were demonstrated using computer graphics. See below.

The video, apparently, was shot during a closed presentation of this electric truck - with the participation of either journalists or dealers. On the video you can see how the driver leaves the cab of the truck, and his place is immediately taken by another driver. After a moment, Tesla Semi flies past the camera, and after a few seconds disappears at the end of the street lit by street lamps.

It is doubtful that in this particular case Semi was able to develop a 0 to 60 speed in the claimed 5 seconds. After all, it was in a closed area where there were a lot of people and cars. But it is obvious that the truck sharply disperses from its place and without any pauses it dials and keeps a high tempo. EVs are known for great torque.

If you recall, the presentation of Tesla Semi was held on November 17. Here are the biggest Tesla Semi takeaways from the presentation. The truck is equipped with four electric engines on each of the rear wheels of the car. The truck's running range is 500 miles per charge. Tesla Semi's production will begin in 2019, and from 2020 the company plans to make them unmanned.

In case you haven't seen it, here is how Tesla unveiled the Semi truck below.

Let us know your thoughts please and post them in the comments section below for discussion. Especially we would like to hear from you if you are truck driver. Are you pleased with the range per charge and the Tesla Semi's specs? Here is what Torque News published in 2014 about the future of electric trucks.