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Pre-owned Tesla Model S Prices Dropping and Here is How Much

It looks like the Tesla Model S pre-owned prices are dropping after the introduction of Model S 60. I wonder why the used Model S prices are dropping.

When several days ago Tesla reintroduced it's lower priced Model S 60 it was a great deal because of the price and battery. However, some Tesla Model S owners are noting that this is moving the prices in the pre-owned market and used Tesla Model S prices are dropping.

It looks like the price of 2013 and 2014 Model S cars with say 30,000 miles and without autopilot is starting to drop under $55,000 now. I did a quick look in Autotrdaer and found the following.

I am seeing this one rare deal of used 2013 Tesla Model S. It has only 6,003 miles and is priced at 54,999 dollars. It's near Atlanta, in Marietta GA. I also see a private seller who is selling a used 2013 Tesla Model S for only $51,900. There are several other used Tesla Model S cars the price of which is around $54,500. These pre-owned cars have mileages ranging from 24,000 to 35,000.

So it's obvious that the price of used Model S is dropping.

When cars get older resale values go down. Its economics. But the point is that with the introduction of less expensive Model S 60 the prices of used Model S 70s are dropping drastically fast.

Now we may be getting the full picture that when Model S 60 was discontinued, that alone put an upward pressure on prices, inflating the Model S 70 prices.

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I wonder how are the prices of used Tesla Model S moving in Europe after the introduction of lower priced Model S 60.