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Porsche Panamera Stolen After Test Driving

An expensive high-performance Porsche Panamera is stolen from a Princetone Porsche in New Jersey after two men test drove it. Here is how they did it and what dealerships should know to brace for this new kind of high tech car stealing.

It's true that Porsche vehicles tend to inspire love at first sight. This is why the Princeton dealership, like any other dealership in the country recommends a test drive for a full emotional effect. Apparently the two young men, who allegedly stole the Panamera, really fell in love with the car because the car was gone next morning after the test drive.

Investigators believe the test drivers have returned a fake set of keys to the dealer after driving the car. They may have returned at night and stole the car, reports AP via NY Post. The guys, described as white men in their early 20s, left after the road test. However, when the dealer opened the door next morning the $148,000 Porsche Panamera was gone.

Lawrence, NJ, Police Lt. Charles Edgar says he thinks the thief "may have done a switcheroo on the keys of the car.” He also mentioned that the dealer had accompanied the test drivers during the road test. The thiefs may have acted very quickly in changing the keys and handing a fake set of keys to the dealer.

Porsche Panamera has a keyless ignation. A swipe of an electric key unlocks the doors. A push of a button ken start the car, while keys are not required. This is something that Porsche may want to take a look in the future.

Why trusting 20-years old guys a Panamera test drive? One of the guys told the dealer that he "won a lot of money in a legal settlement and was looking for a new toy." Never give your Panamera keys to anyone.

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