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Michael Schumacher's Mercedes crashes at Singapore Grand Prix (Video)

Michael Schumacher was handed a reprimand, an official reproof by the F1 2011 Singapore Grand Prix organizers, after his Mercedes crashed with Mexico's Sergio Perez, forcing him to retire from the competition.

He kind of said he did not mean it and this was a misunderstanding. Schumacher also added the collision was more serious than it looked.

"It was a very unfortunate ending to my race in Singapore tonight and obviously I am a bit disappointed,” he said afterwards. “What happened was what I would call a misunderstanding between Sergio Perez and myself. He was about to go inside and lifted, and I was not expecting him to do that so early, and therefore hit him. It's probably one of those race incidents which look more impressive from outside than from inside, as I am totally ok and my impact in the end was not too heavy." Shumacher felt it was "a pity" because his Mercedes' tyres worked well and his pace was very good. "I will look ahead to the next races and hope to have better endings there," the German racer said.

As he struggled to eighth place, the seven-time world champion Schumacher misjudged the speed and trajectory of the Mexican Sergio Perez. The next thing the spectators saw was Schumacher's Mercedes mounting on the rear wheel of his competitor and literally taking off.

Mercedes was destroyed and ended Michael's race on the protection wall. What was interesting is that Schumacher was very calm when he was explaining the accident. Currently Michael Schumacher is eighth in the drivers' standings.

The Video of Michael Schumacher's Singapore Grand Prix collision.

2011 F1 Singapore - Michael Schumacher Crash