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This May Be The Future of Chevy Bolt in 2020 From GM

This image on the right, may be what will become of Chevy Bolt in 2020 and it comes straight from GM.


This image comes from GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra's presentation, delivered on November 15 at Barclays Global Automotive Conference. In that report we see how GM is planning to put the Chevy Bolt's platform to good use. In that GM reveals it's world view and Barra says that GM is committed to a future of Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion.

This basically means that GM sees all its cars as electric in the future. Otherwise, how can they achieve zero emissions with oil. GM bets on technology to unlock this future. So on page 12 of the report under the subheader "Leveraging Existing BEV Platform to Expand in Near Term," we see the promise of two CUV entries by 2020. That's only two years from now, considering 2017 is almost gone.

Note how similar is that CUV concept (seen in the accompanying image of this story) to Chevy Bolt. Considering 2020 is only two years away and this is still a concept, it may be well revealed at the upcoming LA Auto Show (December 1-10 at LA Convention Center) or the North American International Auto Show (January 13-28, 2018) in Detroit.

To me it looks like a Bolt with flatter headlights and a slightly more sloped hatch. May be we can see a little more rugged suspension and a few more inches of ground clearance (maybe make it adjustable like Tahoes and Caddys).

Currently Bolt owners, who are already discussing this news in the GM EV groups on Facebook, say they also would like to see a Sunroof, ProPilot, AWD, Power Seats, Home Link, range extended version, option for unlimited data plan for life.

The entire report is very interesting to read and worth looking at.

What do you think about this CUV concept? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section below for discussion.


lda (not verified)    November 21, 2017 - 10:47AM

This US taxpayer wonders how much GM (government motors) is subsidizing the Bolt. The price of about $30,000 for the entry level model doesn't seem sustainable. My speculation is that car manufacturers based their EV plans on a Clinton administration rather than a Trump administration.