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Lexus posts 42-MPG CT commercial featuring Lykke Li's Beck remix

Here's your first look at an extended cut of the new commercial for the Lexus CT. We think you'll really LIKE it.

"Prepare yourself," asks Lexus in its latest Facebook status update. The company shares the new commercial of its 42 mile per gallon CT model with a Swedish song writer's remix.

From Lexus's Commercial Post on Youtube

"What's the point of an EPA-estimated 42 miles per gallon* if those miles aren't interesting?

This YouTube-exclusive 90-second extended cut version of "42 Miles" features Beck's remix of Lykke Li's "Get Some." To learn more about the CT, visit or search Twitter for #LexusCT.

*Based on EPA combined mileage ratings 43/40/42 city/hwy/comb. Actual mileage will vary.

As for Lykke Li, whose music is used in the commercial, she is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Her music often blends elements of pop, indie rock and electronic; various instruments can also be found in her songs, including violins, synthesizers, tambourines, trumpets, saxophones and cellos.

The company hopes fans will really like it. "We think you'll really LIKE it," Lexus' social media managers wrote in the status update. Thus, we ask you: How do you like it?