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How I removed car wrap from a Ford Mustang GT

Nate Stevens from Indianapolis sent this humorous video showing how he removed the car wrap from his 2010 Ford Mustang Gt. Here is Nate in his own words.


This wrap came from The Wrap Installers (you can find them on IG @thewrapinstallers) during their #thewrapinstallersgiveaway. My 2010 Ford Mustang GT was randomly selected for the wrap.

We chose to do it in 3M fluorescent green. It was wrapped in June, but by late August it had begun to fade. 3M only offers a 2 month warranty because this color is so bright that it loses color from being exposed to the sun.

The Wrap Installers let me know all of this before they out it on. It was easily removed using a PLASTIC razor blade to just get it started and a heat gun. I was able to remove all of it in about 2.5 hours. No issues with factory paint or clear coat coming off, other than where Ford had done some repair work, which is scheduled to be repainted.

By the way, this Ford Mustang GT was seen at Mustang Week this year. It won a couple of awards in 2015 at various car shows.

Also credit goes to Shadow Graphix in Indianapolis, IN and the design on the hood was done by the creators of the Knifeless System.

What we have here is 2010 Ford Mustang GT premium + glass roof. It has 53k miles on it. The design you see on the hood was done by the creators of the Knifeless System.