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Honda Accord ad resonates with 99ers, pokes Lexus (VIDEOI)

Honda pokes Lexus and its red-bow holiday ads in a new Honda Accord "Car Gift - Happy Honda Days TV" ad.


Either Honda or its marketing agency find the Holiday red-bow intolerable for the new Honda Accord ad. Patrick Warburton, who plays the spokesman in Happy Honda Days Television ad, knocks the red bow off a Honda concluding that potential Honda customers don't need it unless they are millionaires who can give a car as a gift to a loved one.

"Are you a millionaire? No? Well then you probably don't give cars to people as presents," says Warburton (see the video of the ad below), who is a known voice in the commercial and advertising world.

The message may well resonate with the Occupy Wall Street protesters, who call themselves the 99ers. These are people who may not give cars as presents, but may need one for themselves. Thus, neither they nor the Honda marketers need the red bow used by Lexus marketers.

Honda Accord is the highest ranked midsize car in JD Power's 2011 Initial Quality Study. In this category it's the only car and the award recipient which which got the highest ranking in overall quality, powertrain quality, body and interior quality as well as in features & accessories quality categories.

Lexus red-bow holiday ad


Anonymous (not verified)    December 12, 2011 - 11:13AM

They are NOT called the 99ers they call themselves the 99 PER CENT ! 99ers are an older group who have been in existence to try and push through an unemployment extension for the people who have exhausted their 99 weeks of Unemployment benefits !! FACTS STRAIGHT TIME FOR YOU !!!!!