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Girl's First and Emotional Bracket Race in 2015 Corvette Z06

One of our readers Angie Weaver graciously shared with us the video of her first bracket race in their 2015 Corvette Z06, and it's rather emotional.


"A friend won her first one on a 2014 Ford Flex and she cried each pass, realized a dream", says Angie. "It was much different feeling than winning a grudge race. It surprised me," she writes.

Here is Angie in her own words.

This was my first bracket race in our 2015 Corvette Z06. It was an all girls race at Spokane County Raceway. I had raced many heads up grudge races, but this was much more emotional. I wasn't expecting to feel such emotion. When I lined up I had anxiety. By the time I staged, it had left my mind completely and I was able to focus on the race. I watched the other car leave and it seemed to take forever for my lights to start going down the tree. I stabbed the gas and just waited and reeled her in. When I launched, it felt like there was no way I could catch her much less pass her, but sure enough I caught her. Hubby had told me to let off or brake when I got around her so I did.
Our Corvette Z06 has 390 passes on it since March 16 and I have driven about a third of those. This video is from the on board performance data recorder.

The excitement of winning was amazing. I felt like jumping for joy and crying all at the same time. I felt bad for the girl I beat, but boy was I happy to go on to the next round?