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Five of the Most Exciting Gadgets in the Mercedes E Class

Mercedes Benz recently unveiled its new 2018 E-Class Coupe in Barcelona, Spain. As we’ve come to expect from the luxury German automaker, the newest offering from the E-Class is packed to the brim with impressive technology and gadgetry. Take a look at these tech highlights from the Mercedes E Class. Torque News reader Kristien Matelski contributed this story.

After reading a list of Mercedes E-Class its specifications, you will probably be clambering for one and these cars are coming soon to a dealership near you. In the meantime, prepare your palette by feasting your eyes on these technology highlights in Mercedes’ newest offering.

Autonomous Handling Capabilities
The Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe has a built-in semi-autonomous capability that comes optional with the Driving Assistance Package. It features what the automaker refers to as “Distance Pilot Distronic with Steering Pilot.” It sounds complicated, but in reality, it’s a kind of fancier adaptive cruise control. The system works by managing the distance between you and the car ahead, but it takes it a step further by automatically following the car ahead at speeds up to 130.5 mph.

The “Steering Pilot” part of the equation provides assistance such that the driver isn’t required to accelerate, brake, or touch the wheel when the system’s engaged. The Steering Pilot will navigate your vehicle up to 80.8 mph, even when there are no road markings.

Note that the E Class’s abilities are “semi-autonomous,” meaning it can’t do all the driving for you. A driver may be asked to put their hands back on the wheel occasionally. If you ignore multiple warnings, the vehicle will come to a stop and turn hazards on to alert other drivers. In other words, the Steering Pilot is best for sitting in traffic jams, not for long road trips.

A Widescreen Cockpit
The widescreen cockpit was first rolled out with the E Class saloon, and it follows with the Coupe. It combines two 12.3 inch HD screens to create a continuous readout from the driver’s seat to the centre dashboard. The instrument cluster is entirely digital; and the driver can configure key information and change the layout based on the touch controls on the steering wheel.

On the other hand, the right-hand screen configures all the navigation and infotainment functionality. Drivers can also use the center dashboard touch pad to browse all the available functions. Though the widescreen cockpit doesn’t come standard, it seems well worth the extra money to have it as an option.

Mercedes E-Class Vision Control
If you hate washing your windscreen you’re in luck. The E-Class comes equipped with Magic Vision Control that cleans your windscreen effectively, without ever impairing your vision. Here’s how it works: the wiper blade has laser-bored holes that apply washer fluid directly in front of the wiper lip, which isn’t noticeable to the driver.

It’s also the first ever wash and wipe system to have a semi-automated program option for the changing season. In summer, it will use less water, while the winter it will use more to make the windscreen completely clean. The system is totally temperature regulated, ensuring an effective clean each time. This also prevents any blurring of the driver’s vision, making for a safer ride.

Wireless Charging Capabilities of Mercedes E-Class
Standard with the new Mercedes E-Class is a wireless charging pad, which is compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones. It also features aerial coupling that will automatically integrate your phone with your infotainment system. The Near Field Communication option allows drivers to unlock and lock their vehicles using their smartphone (you can even start it, to boot). If you want to go all out, get the Remote Parking Pilot Option, so you can remotely park your vehicle with your smartphone.

Welcome to Your Car
Lastly, the E-Class comes standard with Multibeam LED headlights and taillights, and they have a neat party trick: they’ll greet you when you unlock you vehicle. LEDs successively illuminate from the vehicle’s centre out when you unlock, and the opposite direction when you lock it.

The LED technology is not only fun, but functional. The taillights use reflector technology to create a light surface that seems to glow, not like a traditional car light, but more like a bed of coals. Mercedes-Benz reports they are intended to glow like a jet engine, giving your E Class a unique presence on the road.

At the end of the day, the E Class has been winningly designed to take the stress out of the daily commute, and make driving pleasurable again. You could take a 124 mile sojourn and feel as refreshed as when you got in, particularly if you get the Drive Pilot option. Add upmarket detailing, a luxury aesthetic, and a competitive powertrain, and it’s hard to find a reason not to buy the E-Class, whether it’s the Saloon or Coupe.
Mercedes-Benz continues to assert itself as a pioneer in luxury and innovation. With a car as loaded with features as the E Class, it’s difficult to go wrong. If you’re looking for performance and convenience in a technologically innovative package, consider the E Class.

If you have recently driven a Mercedes E-Class let us know about your driving impressions in the comments section below for discussion.