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Fiat 500c Pops and Lounges at New York Auto Show

Fiat today unveiled the 2012 500c Convertible car at the 2011 New York Auto show with two models: the Pop and Lounge.

Fiat, just in time for Spring, unveiled its 2012 Fiat 500 C model at the 2011 New York Auto show. It added C to 500 because the car is their new convertible.

It was only few weeks ago that Fiat presented its 500 model designed by Gucci. Now the company acted very quickly by presenting it's 500C convertible model, thus building on the excitement already created by the model unveiled few weeks ago.

If one looks at the word convertible with the true sense of the term the 2012 500C is not really convertible. The car still retains its arched roof. It is rather a sliding canvas roof with double thick folds on the trunk panel. Yet, why did Fiat choose to go this route? The answer is very simple. It helps the company to save and be more efficient. This choice allows a substantial saving to the manufacturer simply because the doors and the body don't need to be modified to counter a loss of rigidity of the chassis.

Also, the effect is theatrical. The small 500C incorporates all the features and attributes of the regular 500 with the addition of its convertibility.

The 2012 C model comes in two variants: Fiat 500c Pop and Fiat 500c Lounge . Pop is a four-seat cabrio. It is priced under 20,000 dollars. In fact the manufacturer's suggested price for Fiat 500c Pop is 19,500 dollars. Pop is designed for an individual who likes the Italian style. Lounge is designed for a person who is more fashion oriented. Fiat 500c Lounge is priced at $23,500.

Not only the new convertible is great for the spring, but also it stands out with its city proportions. Now the Fiat 500c offers a great panoramic view. The cloth top is wrapped in contemporary Italian styling, conveying simplicity and reinterpreting the past. It's dual-layer and power-operated. Fiat assures the power-top is good for all seasons.