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Dealer Offers To Drive a Tesla Model 3 for FREE for Six Months

Imagine driving a Tesla Model 3 free, for six months. A freelance car dealer from the Rhineland made its customers an insane offer in the summer: They can drive a Tesla Model 3 for free for six months and then give it back. Now he starts the action again. However, there are a few conditions to be aware of.

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The Schmitz car dealership in Mönchengladbach is behind this interesting offer. Owner Sascha Schmitz had already "sold" three Tesla vehicles on these terms in the summer in order to test the customer's reaction according to his own statements. Now an unknown number of Tesla Model 3s in certain versions, including the performance version, are available again. But how does it all work and is it really free as promised?

There is no financial loss, but still risk for the buyer.

The deal works as follows: A customer orders a new Tesla directly from the manufacturer in his own name. Here you have to find out about the equipment in advance, because the car dealer only allows certain configurations such as colors and special equipment for the campaign. After placing your order, you agree on the fixed purchase value with the dealer in a contract, which is calculated as follows: Purchase price including special equipment minus EUR 6,000 state subsidy (the so-called environmental bonus) results in the guaranteed purchase value. Tesla's innovation bonus is already deducted from the purchase price when it is calculated. Thus, apart from additional costs such as registration and insurance, there is initially no financial loss for the buyer.

However, the offer has a few conditions that are fair, but not everyone who is interested. As with almost all new car purchases with an environmental bonus, the amount of 6,000 euros must be advanced by the buyer and applied for at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) after the vehicle has been approved. The risk of a rejection of the application or the exhaustion of the funds therefore lies with the buyer. How exactly the actual purchase price is paid with Tesla is also somewhat opaque. Those who can pay in cash have an advantage. For financing, however, you have to contact Tesla directly, but the auto center also offers financing with 2.59 percent.

So be sure to study the exact terms of the contract.

The mileage is clearly specified: a maximum of 10,000 kilometers, but you have to drive at least 6,000 kilometers. Exceeding 10K km will cost € 0.30 per additional kilometer, and falling below the price will reduce the repurchase price by € 500. If an accident happens, it can be expensive despite fully comprehensive insurance, because depending on the damage, the value can be reduced by up to 2,500 euros in the event of a buyback. If the damage is higher than 20 percent of the new price, the car dealer can make use of his option and withdraw from the buyback obligation.

The tires are also included in the offer: Teslas are delivered from the factory with summer tires (Tesla Model 3 Trying Out New Goodyear Airless Tires). The buyer has to buy winter or all-season tires from so-called premium brands and returns the vehicle after the six months with a total of 8 tires. If the tires were new when you bought them, The car dealer reimburses 250 euros on a pro-rata basis. Alternatively, you can trade in the summer tires yourself or sell them, but then there is no additional payment from the car dealer.

So you see, even if the offer to drive a Tesla Model 3 for free for six months sounds very interesting, there are still some catches in the terms of the contract. In addition, it is not known how many vehicles the dealer can buy back for this campaign. If you want to drive a Tesla for little money, there are already numerous leasing or long-term rental models from other providers on favorable terms and with less risk for the buyer or user of the vehicle.

Armen Hareyan is the founder and the Editor in Chief of Torque News. He founded in 2010, which since then has been publishing expert news and analysis about the automotive industry. He can be reached at Torque News Twitter, Facebok, Linkedin and Youtube.

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