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Toyota launches new intelligent navigation system to reduce accidents

Toyota Motor Corporation (Public, NYSE:TM) has found a new way to reduce the road accidents as it is launching a new intelligent navigation system. Here is this navigation system's 5 main characters.

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The top Japanese car maker wants to reduce road accidents by using its "Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)." This navigation system is compatible with the "Driving Safety Support System (DSSS)." It should be launched by the "Japanese National Police Agency" in in Toyota's home country in July.

The company says it has been working on the security and safety very hard and this new navigation system comes to prove its work on safety as an example. Toyota develops individual safety devices and embedded systems, while promoting the development of cooperative systems that allow information exchange between vehicles and road infrastructure.

The five main characteristics of this new system are the following. The system informs the driver about a red light with audio and video warning. The navigation system informs of "stop sign" and has a "vehicle order" notification. Another characteristic informs the driver of a presence of a blind spot. The 5th one notifies the driver of Green Light to reduce congestion.

Earlier this year Toyota had said that it's Prius model was going to the first Toyota with the Entune multimedia system. This new system was said to leverage the mobile phone to provide a richer in-vehicle experience with fully integrated and wireless upgradeable navigation, entertainment and information services.

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Palm Springs T… (not verified)    July 11, 2011 - 1:24PM

Sounds like an advanced system that will help many drivers. Although to be honest; I think drivers should pay attention and realize by themselves when a light is green or red... without needing audio or visual cues. It can end up making drivers even lazier where they won't even look for red or stop signs and just completely rely on the system.

car buying (not verified)    July 27, 2011 - 12:57AM

Wow.......It's a nice technology.This technology is very useful safety for driver. Great going TOYOTA....

Anonymous (not verified)    August 23, 2011 - 3:00AM

This new Intelligent Transport System can help reduce the accident of a freeway. These systems has to updated in the real time or connected with some network and should provide the information of the road ahead.

Monika (not verified)    August 23, 2011 - 10:50PM

Intelligent navigation system is really good for safety and security. I hope someday such kinds of system will be installed in all sorts of vehicles. Thereby almost none of the road mishap or vehicle accidents like Truck Accident will occur. I think only the effective navigation system is not enough for vehicle. Vehicles need to be modified with low emission so that the environment can also be saved.