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KIA Facebook Fan: "UK Page is Crap"

Car companies do a fairly good job in marketing their automobiles via Facebook. In fact KIA Soul has a very engaging Facebook page. This is probably why one KIA fan from UK envies the U.S. version of the Soul fan page.

Last Sunday Geof Woodward posted a comment on KIA Soul's U.S. Facebook fan page that should get the KIA's social media team's attention. In fact, it did get their attention.

Geof wrote "I know this is the US Soul page, but the UK page is crap! However, how many UK Soul owners would fancy an informal UK meet, somewhere fairly central?" Mr. Woodward is a car enthusiast. Most of his 25 Facebook friends have car-related images on their profiles. So he probably knows what he is talking about. In fact, while I would not characterize KIA's UK Facebook fan page as "crap," it has at least one major area that it can improve.

The U.S. version of KIA Soul is very dynamic. One can easily check what KIA writes on its wall and also see the most popular or recent posts. KIA's social media team is pretty quick in responding to comments that are published by its fans. In fact, they were quick in their reply to Geof as well. Within 24 hours KIA's U.S. team posted a comment under Geof's post writing "sorry you can't summon more enthusiasm from your countrymen and women. Happy to have you on our U.S. page, however. ;-)"

On the other hand, the Facebook fan page of KIA Motors UK is a one way street. Fans can't post anything on KIA Motors UK Facebook page. They can only comment. Yet, this defies the purpose of Facebook sharing and connecting. It simply misses the mark. This is why the fans don't come very often and and this is why even KIA thinks the UK fans can't summon enough enthusiasm there.

The UK fan page is not bad at all. As seen in this article's image it looks pretty nice. However, our recommendation to KIA Motor UK is to make its Facebook fan page a two way communication. Gone are the days when website owners and companies would post the content and expect their readers and followers to read them and stay enthused. In fact, the followers' force is what changed the internet as readers had this huge drive to communicate, engage and share. This is why social sites like Facebook and Twitter picked up. At the end of the day, Facebook is a social media and KIA should give more power to its UK followers an fans.

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