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Volvo S80 Executive and V70 R-Design: Operation 2012 Upscale

Things move fast at Volvo in 2011 because in addition to the presentation of its Universe concept car the Swedish auto maker is upgrading its luxury sedans Volvo S80 and V70 R-Design for its 2012 models.

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When it comes to Volvo most people know its big S80 sedan well. Now, to satisfy those customers still picky about product quality, the brand now offers a new version of its S80 called "Executive" According to Volvo it is the most stylish sedan it its range. Currently S80 is only available in Europe.

Here are some cool things about the interior of 2012 Volvo S80 Executive. We all know about Volvo's flagship interiors. S80 comes with ventilated and massaging seats. The carpeting is plush and the door panels are leather (espresso or dark gray), as well as the instrument cluster. The company is also offering an optional mini refrigerator with two crystal drinking glasses inside.

Both cars have the latest Volvo Sensus infotainment system, which basically presents the entire information on a 5-inch to 7-inch color screen in the upper part of the center stack. Volvo says it has positioned the screen high up so that the driver can still keep his or her eyes on the street while checking information presented on the screen. Volvo has a good record for its concern for the wellbeing of its drivers and passengers.

"Concern for the individual's wellbeing is the very core of our Scandinavian origin and these unique versions of the S80 and V70 mark yet another step forward in our determination to be the brand that best interprets what buyers of modern prestige cars want," says Volvo Car Corporation's President and CEO Stefan Jacoby in a company release.

Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Vehicle Line Management at Volvo Car Corporation Lex Kerssemakers says the company has designed both Volvo S80 2012 and V70 R-Design around the need that growing number of drivers have to tailor their cars to suit individual tastes. "The Executive version of the S80 radiates exclusive luxury while our R-Design models are developed for buyers who want an extra sporty look," says Kerssemakers.

Available now, the new Volvo S80 Executive will be displayed between 51,640 Euros ($76,596) for the entry level diesel version ( D3 Geartronic 6, 163 hp ) to 61,790 Euros (91,649.84 USD) for the petrol version ( T6 AWD Geartronic 6, 304 hp ) .

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ddunk80 (not verified)    September 12, 2011 - 11:17PM

i think it's a pretty cool car. Both cars have been designed around a growing number of people who appreciate the opportunity to tailor their cars to individual tastes. The version of the S80 luxury executive emanates as the exclusive R-Design models have been developed for buyers who want a sportier look. for more info take a look at Volvo repair guides.