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1973 Buick Century GS Stage 1 - The Inheritance

Jakob Martinez thought he was going to look for some cars, but instead his father asked him to fill his information in the paperwork for this 1973 Buick Century GS Stage 1. Here is Martinez and his story.

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I inherited this 1973 Buick from my dad who purchased it when I was still in Middle School. He used to take me out with him for weekend cruises around where we live.

The condition that it's in now is the way my dad had purchased it. The previous owner of this car had some work done to the motor. Going through the receipts that were saved it was given an SP1 Cam, Mickey Thompson Scavenger Headers, and Forged Pistons. The only thing that my father and I have done is replace the mechanical cooling fan with an electric fan.

It is this1973 Buick Century GS Stage 1 that taught me what real torque and power was. And I learned it from an old school American Muscle Car.

The first time I ever drove it was when my father and I went to Englishtown Raceway Park in Englishtown , NJ. I was thinking I was going to watch him take it down the track. But instead he handed me the form and told me to fill out my information on it.

I was so excited that I was literally shaking. That started my love for this car and the Buick Brand. So much so that I am a member of the Buick Performance Group and I plan on bringing it to their annual national meet at National Trail Raceway July 31-August 3. Currently I take it out to some car shows throughout the year and take it down the drag strip. My best E.T. to date is 12.77 @ 105mph.

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