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Russian Teens Drop Ice From Roofs on Passing Cars

In St. Petersburg teenagers have their own ways of making fun targeting cars. They seem to enjoy throwing things at passing cars while endangering drivers and passengers.


Most recently, one of them killed a pedestrian, throwing at him a wheel from the top floor of a house. Today, when the roof-tops of the buildings in St. Petersburg are "ripe" with icicles, bullies use them for their "pranks."

On the evening of December 1 private security officers detained two young men on the Innovators' boulevard. These teenagers were ages 15 and 18 and were amusing themselves by dropping ice blocks on passing cars. One Chevrolet and another Niva suffered serious damages, Russian language 5Koleso reports.

It is not known how many other drivers have been victims of these people. More people would have fallen victims of these young bullies if the witnesses did not stop this outrage by calling police.

The young people were taken to the police station. Their parents were also invited to the station to indemnify the owners of the damaged cars.