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What Jay Leno Thinks of The Cybertruck and His Ride in The Boring Tunnel

Jay Leno recently talked about his experience of driving the Tesla Cybertruck and how it felt riding in the Boring Company's tunnel.

Spike Feresten and co-host Paul Zuckerman didn’t waste any time with Leno on the podcast and jumped right into questions about Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup truck. “Did you drive it, what’s it like?” asked the hosts.

“Well, it is very Tesla-like,” Leno explains. “It’s very quick. It’s very interesting, some people like the styling and some people don’t. One thing it does do, it changes your perception of–trucks have looked the same since what? 1930? It is basically a giant grille with some sort of aggressive thing in the front, you know? This doesn’t look like anything else you’ve ever seen before.”

Here is how Jay Leno describes his experience in the Boring Company.

Leno described the tight fit of the truck within the tunnel, stating there may have been about a quarter of an inch on each side of the vehicle. “We drive the Cybertruck, we barely get it into the tunnel, and now we’re going like 50 or 60 miles per hour through the tunnel with a quarter-inch on each side.”

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