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Water Problem at Tesla Giga Berlin Raises Alarm

Tesla Giga Berlin Water Supply Problem

There is a water problem at Giga Berlin, raising an alarm. But it's solvable. The local mayor has a solution.

Wasserverband Water Association, which is planned to supply water to Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin, stops planning for Giga Berlin.

The Strausberg-Erkner water association raises an alarm: Because there were no funding permits and Tesla's signature was missing, the entire project is at risk. But the local mayor of Grunheide already has plans for Tesla without the association.

The water association Strausberg-Erkner (WSE) has stopped the water supply plans for the Tesla factory planned in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) for the time being. This emerges from an internal letter from the association that is available to rbb.

The letter deals with two problems: Currently, the WSE is allowed to pump 15 million cubic meters of water out of the ground each year. Although this would enable him to supply the current population in the region and the currently planned Tesla factory, he fears major problems in the near future: It is expected that the Tesla settlement will attract more people than already to the region. Companies are also likely to settle in Tesla's wake. In addition, the Bundeswehr data center planned in Barnim and the Altlandsberg business park will need water in the future. The WSE therefore expects that its annual 15 million cubic meter water quota will only last until the end of 2022. Therefore, the association requires the state authorities to grant an additional three million cubic meters a year.

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