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Watch Tesla's Beautiful Road Leading Right Into Giga Shanghai, and Building Chinese Data Center

Tesla Road in Giga Shanghai

Watch the large road leading to Tesla Giga Shanghai. Also, Tesla is building a new data center in China to respond to Chinese law on local storage of EV data.

The Tesmanian reports that the news that Tesla will build its own data center in China has been confirmed by Grace Tao, Tesla's China head of communications and government affairs, according to the Chinese newspaper 21st Century Business Herald. Tao previously confirmed that all data collected from Tesla's electric vehicles in China is stored in the country. The announcement follows the Chinese military banning the use of Tesla vehicles at their facilities over concerns about cameras mounted on vehicles.

On a relevant news in China Several media and public agencies have just criticized Tesla's attitude towards Chinese consumers after an incident at the Shanghai Motor Show, which made the rounds on social networks. To prevent the situation from escalating, Tesla apologized.

"Foreign companies in China must comply with regulations if they want to access Chinese consumers. While user privacy is important, data is also critical to driver safety and national security. “It’s crucial to ensure appropriate local storage for vehicle data, as this will further drive ecosystem collaboration between international manufacturers and local partners,” said Charlie Dai, principal analyst at Forrester, according to the South China Morning Post. Thus, a data center built in China should solve a number of difficulties," Tesmanian reports.

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