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Watch Tesla Fremont's New Model Y Vehicles With The Hardware 4 Computer

Watch Tesla Fremont's New Model Y Vehicles With The Hardware 4 Computer

We have some thrilling updates from the world of Tesla! It has been officially confirmed that the production of Model Y vehicles equipped with Autopilot Hardware 4 (HW4) has commenced. We recently had the amazing opportunity to spot a few of these HW4-enabled Model Ys in South San Francisco, right alongside the existing HW3 inventory. This development showcases Tesla's dedication to advancing its self-driving capabilities and revolutionizing the automotive industry.

After extensive development, Tesla has introduced Hardware 4 as its most recent version of the self-driving computer. Earlier this year, leaked images offered a sneak peek into this cutting-edge technology, and now we're witnessing its real-world implementation. Initially, Tesla began installing HW4 in their flagship vehicles, the Model S and Model X, enabling them to gather valuable data and assess the early performance of the new computer system.

The gradual deployment of Hardware 4 has been instrumental in Tesla's transition to a vision-based self-driving approach. This strategic shift veers away from the previous reliance on vision and radar sensors, emphasizing the power of vision-based technology. As a result, the Model Y vehicles equipped with Hardware 4 boast a set of enhanced cameras, as evidenced by the captivating images we captured in California. These upgraded cameras are more robust than the ones included in Hardware 3 builds, promising even greater accuracy and reliability in capturing visual data.

Tesla's pursuit of autonomous driving technology has always been driven by their commitment to safety, innovation, and delivering an exceptional driving experience. With the introduction of Hardware 4 in the Model Y, Tesla continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of self-driving vehicles.

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