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Thousands of Castings Inside Tesla Giga Texas Model Y Production

Thousands of Model Y castings at Tesla Giga Texas

Our friend Joe Tegtmeyer has shared lots of good photos showing very busy activity at Tesla Giga Texas casting area.

We see stocking up parts and waiting for approval to assemble them at Giga Texas. It doesn't look like Tesla is testing them because these are far too many parts.

Recently, Tesla took delivery of yet another giant casting machine, known as Giga Press, at Gigafactory Texas as the automaker moves to produce entire car bodies in just a few pieces.

This is a positive achievement by Tesla to lower the cost of manufacturing so that more people can afford to buy Tesla with the stronger alloy's fewer parts and with the said full self driving Level 5 coming,

Giga Texas with Giga Berlin is very important for Tesla's 2022 expansion. Especially during the second half of the year, when Tesla ramps up production of the Model Y electric crossover at Giga Texas.

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