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These Giga Texas 4680 AA-Like Batteries Are Wholly Manufactured by Tesla

These Giga Texas 4680 AA-Like Batteries Are Wholly Manufactured by Tesla

Hours ago Sandy Munro shared Tesla's 4680 cells in a structural pack from Giga Texas, where were wholly developed and manufactured by Tesla.

Today Tesla is holding its Grand Opening of Giga Texas, called Cyber Rodeo and lots of interesting things are happening there.

Let's take a look at these 4680 Tesla batteries.

It seems like when it comes to the new 4680 batteries, Tesla has stayed with side cooling instead of cooling from the bottom. can you confirm that?

Isn’t it interesting that these 4680 batteries look exactly like AA batteries. Look, they're the same cylindrical shape, but the 4680's are larger.

Some of you may think that these 4680 Tesla batteries were supposed to be tab-less, and isn’t that a tab on top? The tab was on the inside of the battery, not the outside. The 4680s remove having a single lead (the tab) to connect the cathode and anode to the battery terminals.

In any case, these new Tesla batteries don’t disappoint. Can't wait to hear some actual specifics of the pack and capability, will put some of the puzzle together for the Cybertruck.

I wonder what is the purpose of having those spaces in the middle. Anybody here has any ideas?

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