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Tesla's Recently Installed Giga Press at Fremont Beings Making Model Y Parts

A new page begins in the history of making Tesla Model Y as the newly installed Tesla Giga Press at Fremont factory beings making Model Y Parts with 3 advantages.

Eva Fox reports from the

The Giga Press' purpose is to reduce build time, operation costs, costs of manufacturing, factory footprint, factory operating costs, tooling costs, and/or quantity of equipment. The automaker notes that it will reduce the number of casting machines required to build a vehicle frame and that it could even build “a complete or substantially complete” frame itself.

The casting cell and first Giga Press have been assembled at the north end of the General Assembly building at the Fremont factory. It seems that the giant Casting Machine may have started production. In the drone shots, we can see the finished Model Y parts lying next to the Giga Press.

Recently, Tesla China reported that a giant Casting Machine in Fremont has started operating. Now we have received media material to prove this.

This production method has a number of advantages that will play a decisive role in the fast, high-quality, reliable, and economical production of the company's new flagship car--Model Y.

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