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Tesla's Progress and Giga Berlin's Pile Driving

Watch how piles are driven to Tesla GigaBerlin and listen to the sound of it, as well as see what Business Insider's Phillip Kaleta saw when he visited Giga Berlin last a few days ago.

Recently Business Insider's Philip Kaleta visited Tesla Giga Berlin and shared some of his impressions and thoughts from employees in an interesting article. In this report, you will see what Kaleta has to say from inside Giga Berlin and what Giga Berlin employees say about working for Tesla.

Kaleta writes that the rapid pace of construction is particularly noticeable in the "Drive Unit". Business Insider learned that the drive train for the Tesla vehicles will be manufactured in the building. Specifically, these are the axles and the electric motors on them that drive the car. The US automaker plans to complete the building in just 19 days.

“The pressure is huge,” one employee told Business Insider. The Tesla colleagues from the USA call every day, several times a day - and get up at 3 or 4 a.m. so that they can be reached in the morning from European time. Elon Musk often uses the phone himself, says the employee. At the same time, he emphasizes that, despite the enormous pressure, the working atmosphere and "the spirit" on-site are better than anything he has ever experienced in German projects.

Then Koleta writes about Tesla's unconventional approach when submitting applications for permits for different construction phases. Business Insider learned that the first building application for Tesla Giga Berlin was more in the form of a factory design or model - with a manageable depth of detail. However, it was enough to get a temporary building permit.

Business Insider also found out that it was going to be implemented straight away. In this way, Tesla saves time - and does nothing forbidden. In the meantime, however, the applications for the next construction phases for the Gigafactory have reached a level of detail that even German officials would describe as "good", industry insiders told Business Insider.

Also, in this report see and listen to the pile driver and watch how Tesla drives huge Giga piles into the ground to build the stamping area of Giga Berlin, thanks to video footage provided by our friend Albrecht on Twitter.

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