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Tesla's New Change of Expectations About Giga Berlin's 2021 Deliveries

Tesla Giga Berlin schedule change

Tesla does not expect any more deliveries from Giga Berlin EV Gigafactory in 2021.

There was a breaking news on Saturday about the future plans of Tesla and Giga Berlin timeline, which went unnoticed. Brandenburg's public radio RBB 24 reports that Tesla does not expect any more deliveries in 2021.

Tesla had originally planned to start series production of electric cars at its Giga Berlin plant in Grünheide this year. Up to half a million are to be produced there annually in the first expansion stage.

For a few weeks now, however, the company has not been concerned with getting the delivery done this year. Series production and the start of deliveries are no longer expected before the end of the year, even if vehicles are already being produced after approval has been granted, according to Tesla at the end of November.

Environmental groups have tried several times to overturn early permits. Among other things, they fear problems with drinking water.

Approval authorities are still waiting for documents from Tesla regarding Giga Berlin.

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