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Tesla's Latest Move to Fulfill Over 1.5M Cybertruck Reservations

Tesla's Latest Move to Fulfill Over 1.5M Cybertruck Reservations

Tesla is gearing up for the production of its much-awaited Cybertruck with the arrival of a second IDRA Giga Press at the Giga Texas factory in Austin. With over 1.5 million reservations for the electric truck, Tesla needs to produce a lot of Cybertrucks, and the addition of a second Giga Press will certainly help with the production process.

According to import records (via @Greggertruck), more components from IDRA arrived in Texas this month. The bill of lading, a document issued by a carrier to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment, shows that the parts originated from Genoa, Italy, and were destined for the Port of Houston, where they arrived on March 16, 2023. The description of what’s inside those boxes reads “Die-Casting Machines Parts.”

Additional shipping records reveal numerous crates from IDRA being shipped to Gigafactory Texas, containing pieces of “die casting machinery.” While it will likely take several weeks before these parts make their way to the Gigafactory for installation, Tesla’s speedy installation of the first Giga Press suggests that production will soon be underway.

The first Giga Press arrived at Giga Texas in December, and by mid-January, it was up and running. Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer was able to capture the massive machine being installed through a window in the casting area of the factory, along with glimpses of what appeared to be the Cybertruck molds. However, Tesla promptly covered the windows up to prevent any further views of their progress towards the start of Cybertruck production.

The Giga Press is just one piece of the Cybertruck production puzzle. Tesla has also taken delivery of a small army of Kuka robots that will help put the Cybertruck together as it moves down the production line. The company has also been busy publishing job postings for dozens of positions related to Cybertruck production.

With the arrival of the second Giga Press and the other components necessary for the production of the Cybertruck, Tesla is getting closer to realizing its goal of producing the highly anticipated electric truck. Cybertruck enthusiasts and Tesla investors will be closely watching for updates as production gets underway in the coming weeks.

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