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Teslas Are Sold Out Until 2023, But The Timing May Reverse

Teslas Are Sold Out Until 2023, But The Timing May Reverse

Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles are sold out until 2023. This is partially due to shortage of parts, but the delivery time may reverse and change with supply improvement.

In other words, if you want a non-Plaid Model S or Model X, delivery times are as long as 16 months.

The shortage of components once again affects Tesla's production, which is forced to postpone the release of the new, cheapest Model S and X models until 2023. This is indeed what the manufacturer's website discreetly indicates when one chooses the cheapest options.

It was in January 2021 that the new editions of the Model S and Model X made their appearance. Almost a year since Tesla presented us with the new interior of its cars and praised us the merits of its dashboard. However, none of these vehicles has yet been delivered . Like many tech sectors, Elon Musk's firm is not immune to the shortage of components. A first postponement has already been announced for the end of 2022 .

But for some models, this delay may be even longer. Ironically, those who set their sights on the cheaper versions will have to pay the price of the wait, since the latter will be delivered in March 2023 . This is indeed the date indicated by Tesla on its site, when the cheapest configuration is chosen. This delay particularly concerns the Model S Grande Autonomie, equipped with two engines and 19-inch rims.

We will have to wait until 2023 to take the new deliveries of the Model S or Model X from Tesla.

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