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Tesla Semi Will Have 6 Advantages When Entering The Market

Tesla Semi Electric Truck

The Tesla Semi is not in production yet, but when it enters the market it will have some serious advantages vs diesel trucks.

Tesmanian has a good story discussing the six advantages of Tesla Semi over its closest competitors such as Daimler trucks.

The first advantage of the Tesla Semi is the autonomy. The second advantage is the battery and Tesla batteries in general. The tird advantage of Tesla Semi is Tesla's charging network and its benefits for Tesla electric truck's fast charging. The fourth advantage is the manufacturing scale. Tesla can make the Semi faster because it shares some components and parts with the Model 3. The fifth advantage of the Tesla semi is the Tesla's business model of selling directly to the customers. This would likely be invaluable for buyers of the Semi, particularly as the vehicle will see a lot of use and abuse on the road. By having a straight line to Tesla, owners of the Semi will be able to address their concerns to the electric car maker directly, concludes Tesmanian.

Tesla semi has a trump card as well. "Tesla's President of Automotive today is Jerome Guillen, a man who has spent the better part of the decade being the electric car maker's resident problem solver. But before he was employed at Tesla, Guillen served as the General Manager of New Product Development in Freightliner LLC. During his stay in Daimler's trucking division, the Tesla President actually oversaw the development of a new generation of Class 8 trucks. Guillen's experience in Daimler could be priceless for Tesla, especially since the Semi is his personal project," writes Tesmanian.

As a result, Tesla Semi can equally as disruptive in the trucking industry as the Model 3 and the Model Y in the hatchback and crossover sectors.

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