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Tesla Says 4680 Battery Is Progressing, But Not Yet Important for 2022

Tesla Says 4680 Battery Is Progressing, But Not Yet Important for 2022

During the Q2 2022 earnings call Tesla provided lots of information about its 4680 battery production progress, but said it's not important for this years goals.

The focus has been on simplicity and scaling, which is why Tesla has not yet exhausted all the possibilities of the 4680 battery format, Drew Baglino - SVP, Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla explained. A dozen small issues would hamper the ramp-up, added CEO Elon Musk. One is confident of being able to solve them, even if that is difficult with a "revolutionary" concept like this one. First Tesla wants to get the base under control and achieve high volume and reliability and later rapidly develop its own 4680 battery cell to increase energy density and reduce costs.

Tesla has also planned a lot more for batteries. But perhaps to reassure shareholders, Musk emphasized in his introduction to the conference on Wednesday that the company has enough supplied batteries for the entire vehicle production for the rest of this year - and Tesla is supposed to buy new ones in the remaining months achieve record . 4680 will be important next year, but not yet in 2022, Tesla boss said.

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