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Tesla Reforests Giga Berlin Replacing Monoculture with Mixed Forest

Tesla's Giga Berlin reforestation is actively moving forward and we have a sneak preview from the Naturraum für Generationen of how they reforest Giga Berlin's felled trees.

A recent video from Naturraum für Generationen has revealed a close look at the ongoing efforts to replace the trees that were cut down to make way for Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin facility.

Naturraum für Generationen's video shows that tree-planting efforts by Tesla are now fully underway and in a matter of time the trees that Tesla cleared at Giga Berlin, will be replaced.

NfG is a project, commissioned by the Brandenburg's government.

"If you fell trees for a construction project in Brandenburg, you are legally obliged to replace them - every cleared square meter of forest must be compensated for by afforestation in the same natural area as possible. Commissioned by the Brandenburg Area Agency , we and our partners have developed a portfolio of measures for our areas on the Beeskower Platte, which will make an important contribution to climate protection. In this way we not only replace the lost functions of the natural balance, but also create real ecological added value," reads the website. Surely, Tesla is one of the companies, which has felled trees for a construction project in Brandenburg.

Tesla only accounts for part of the current NfG volume.

Tesla's reforestation has begun on October 7. By November Tesla and NfG planted 183,000 seedlings on 50 hectares. 450 hectares of grass land has been allocated for this purpose of which 150 hectares of reforestation is allocated to the Tesla Giga Berlin.

“Mixed forest and flower strips instead of monoculture: We are creating natural space that will bind tons of CO₂ over the next few years and provide habitat for hundreds of species,” the NfG wrote.

According to Simon Alvarez of Teslarati, "While Tesla is currently experiencing some challenges from local environmental groups over its tree-clearing activities, it should be noted that the Giga Berlin area was a pine monoculture that would have been cut down for products such as cardboard even if the electric car maker was not in the picture. This meant that trees planted through Tesla’s efforts would actually improve the ecology in the area."

In the meantime, Tesla can continue building on the construction site of its planned factory in Grünheide near Berlin. Brandenburg had agreed with the US electric car maker on a longer period until January 15 to pay the missing security deposit, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment announced on Wednesday. It's about 100 million euros that Tesla has to deposit for possible dismantling costs of Giga Berlin in case the final approval doesn't come for some reason.

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