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Tesla Is Refining Details To Reportedly Announce a Factory in Mexico, Location Known

Tesla Is Refining Details To Reportedly Announce a Factory in Mexico, Location Known

I have breaking news about Tesla's possible next Gigafactory. According to a Mexican source Milenio, Elon Musk's company Tesla currently is refining the details with the administration of Samuel García to announce a factory in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

Apparently Tesla is refining the final details with the government of Nuevo Leon to announce the installation of a factory in the state, in Mexico, which is expected to be made public at the beginning of 2023.

Tesla has reportedly acquired land in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and it is on the verge of announcing a plan to build a factory on it.

Milenio reports that although a confidentiality agreement has been agreed between both parties, information to which MILENIO-Multimedios had access, shows that the plant will be installed to the west of the municipality of Santa Catarina.

The source said "Tesla will come to Santa Catarina. The investment will be finalized in the coming weeks; after the end of the year it will be announced. The commitment is that it must be completed immediately after the start of 2023. We know that it will generate employment and it will be located in the only area available, which is the west of that municipality. It is not possible to inform more, because there is a confidentiality contract.

According to the same report, Tesla has already acquired the land in Santa Catarina for the factory.

However, what type of factory Tesla plans to build in Mexico is still unknown.

Note that this new potential Tesla factory's location in Mexico has a proximity to Austin, which is about 360 miles. We can presume that this could be a new Tesla Gigafactory in Mexico, but it is more likely to be a factory for components, to supply Giga Texas. Otherwise, I find it difficult to justify putting another full car factory so close.

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